What Is Vishishta?

Vishishta is Opdemy’s “Optional Subjects Comprehensive Guidance Program”. The course will cover UPSC Mains optional subjects comprehensively with Practice tests, Doubt clearing sessions, Mentor feedback, and Tips on Answer writing.

What can Vishishta help with?

Optional subject is the most important part of your written examination in UPSC CSE Mains. It carries a humongous 500 marks and it can make or break your selection. We have thus decided to introduce a very exhaustive course for optional subjects. This course would have a full-length topic wise coverage of optional syllabus, doubt clearing sessions, tests at regular intervals, interaction with toppers of the same optional, feedback sessions and a mini test series at the end. This course is the only course you need for a thorough preparation of your optional subject.

The course will run for 3 months but the students can watch the lectures as many times as they wish, unlike offline classes. All courses are run by best and expert educators. The course will help you to master the subject and help you score the marks needed to get the selection.

The optional subjects available at Opdemy:

  • Sociology

    Sociology as an optional subject in UPSC Mains is a popular choice among aspirants as an IAS officer has to deal with many facets of the society and knowledge of sociology is helpful in their work.

  • Geography

    Geography is one of the best optionals for Civil Services Exam (assuming that you have a strong grip over the subject). The Advantages of Geography as an Optional:

    1. It is scientific in nature unlike most other Arts optional. Hence, logical and rational.
    2. It’s a good optional for engineers and students from a non-humanities background.
    3. It is heavily covered directly in GS Paper-1 and also indirectly in many areas of GS Paper-3 of IAS Mains.
    4. Sufficient material is available in the form of books as well as coaching institute material.
    5. Ample scope for diagrammatic representation. This helps in fetching marks.
    6. It helps a great deal in the interview.

  • Public Administration

    Public Ad is one of the finest optional for UPSC with a thin syllabus and instrumentality of topics for GS Paper-II of Mains also, apart from some coverage of topics from polity through the study of Pub Ad Paper-II (Indian Administration). It is one of the few optionals that can be covered in three months serious study of 6–8 hours daily.

  • History

    History is an integral part of the UPSC exam preparation. History portions are present in the UPSC prelims exam as well as the UPSC mains exam. In the mains exam, it is part of the General Studies Paper 1. History is a subject that evokes mixed reactions from the candidates. While some candidates relish reading history, others simply dislike it. History is an important subject as it connects the ancient past to the present. It helps us understand why the world is as it is today. It helps us explore who we really are. With the right approach, history can be one of the most interesting subjects there are. In this article, we give you the history syllabus for the UPSC general studies paper. It is a substantive part of the GS Paper I Syllabus in the mains exam.

  • Political Science and International Relations

    Indian polity is a crucial segment of the UPSC Prelims Syllabus. If the aspirants choose Political Science and International Relations as their UPSC Mains Optional subject, they will have to study this along with the prelims section thus saving time for other topics. This way their preparation for UPSC Prelims and Mains can be integrated.

    Being a slightly non-technical subject, the aspirants can easily comprehend and study this subject even if they don’t have political science as their background. The concepts are general and anyone who reads newspapers on a regular basis would be able to understand and study the subject.

    In the new revised syllabus, the factual parts have been omitted and hence, an understanding of the concepts is only required to write better answers in this paper.

Subjects Detailed Syllabus
a) Sociology
b) Geography Syllabus
c) Public Administration Syllabus
d) History Syllabus
e) Political Science and International Relations Syllabus

List of Literature optional subjects in UPSC CSE-

Aspirants can opt for a literature subject as their optional for UPSC Mains even if they had not taken that language as their graduation subject. There will be two papers. Each paper is of 250 marks. The languages prescribed here are from the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

  • 1. Assamese
  • 2. Bengali
  • 3. Bodo
  • 4. Dogri
  • 5. Gujarati
  • 6. Hindi
  • 7. Kannada
  • 8. Kashmiri
  • 9. Konkani
  • 10. Maithili
  • 11. Malayalam
  • 12. Manipuri
  • 13. Marathi
  • 14. Nepali
  • 15. Oriya
  • 16. Punjabi
  • 17. Sanskrit
  • 18. Santhali
  • 19. Sindhi
  • 20. Tamil
  • 21. Telugu
  • 22. Urdu
  • 23. English

List of Optional subjects in UPSC CSE-

  • 1. Agriculture
  • 2. Animal husbandry & veterinary science
  • 3. Anthropology
  • 4. Botany
  • 5. Chemistry
  • 6. Civil engineering
  • 7. Commerce and accountancy
  • 8. Economics
  • 9. Electrical engineering
  • 10. Geography
  • 11. Geology
  • 12. History
  • 13. Law
  • 14. Management
  • 15. Mathematics
  • 16. Mechanical engineering
  • 17. Medical science
  • 18. Philosophy
  • 19. Physics
  • 20. Psychology
  • 21. Public administration
  • 22. Sociology
  • 23. Statistics
  • 24. Zoology
  • 25. Political science & international relations

Price: 14,999 INR

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