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Aspirants are the centre of our universe at Opdemy. All our courses are designed to solve problems faced by aspirants.


We are always listening and that's the reason why our courses are the nearest to what aspirants demand.


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"Presenting to you, the only course in the country for absolute beginners"

  • Price: 1499 INR


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"The only course need to perfect your answer writing skills".

  • Price: 6499 INR


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Learn what you need to enrich your answers and to shine in your interview.

  • Price: 1999 INR


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Comprehensive Ethics Guidance Program cum Test Series.

  • Price: 1499 INR


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One stop solution for complete preparation of UPSC CSE.

  • Price: 29999 INR


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This is the only course you need for a preparation of your optional subject.

  • Price: 14999 INR


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Comprehensive Essay guidance program cum Test series.

  • Price: 1499 INR



One stop solution for complete preparation of UPSC CSE, including Prelims, Mains and Interview.

So much scattered material all over, no sequence, no guidance, resulting in total confusion. Presenting Siddha, this course is the ultimate solution for your entire preparation of UPSC CSE. Once you join this course, you will not need to worry about any GS subject, essay or even your optional (see the list of available optionals). This is a one stop solution for Prelims, Mains and Interview. No need to worry about anything once you join this course. It will cover prelims, Mains and Interview.

  • Price: 29,999 INR
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Optional subject is easily the most important part of your written examination in UPSC CSE Mains. It carries a humongous 500 marks and it can make or break your selection. We have thus decided to introduce a very exhaustive course for optional subjects. This course wood have a full length topic wise coverage of optional syllabus, doubt clearing sessions, tests at regular interval, interaction with toppers of same optional, feedback sessions and a mini test series at the end. This course is the only course you need for a thorough preparation of your optional subject.

Optionals available:

  • 1- Sociology
  • 2- Geography
  • 3- Public Administration and Commerce
  • 4- Political Science and International Relations
  • Will add more every week.
  • Price: 14,999 INR
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The SATHI program by Opdemy is unique in its own. It brings education and affordable guidance at the doorsteps of the needy and marginalized aspirants. We all have wings, but SATHI program will help you to learn to fly. Best wishes to Opdemy.

Himanshu Kaushik, (IAS 2018 Batch)

Accessibility and affordability issues prevent many students from exploring their full potential. Opdemy with its transparency and high-quality education is fighting these issues. Opdemy’s remarkable initiatives like Guru-Dakshina help the unprivileged students to access good quality education.


Opdemy is a Revolution you can afford. It has a benevolent underpinning that caters to the marginalized, the oppressed, the depressed and the weaker sections of the society.


Opdemy is a simple, straightforward and focused attempt to help you achieve your true potential. It’s a commitment to reach out to able aspirants who are otherwise stuck in a quagmire of over and irrelevant information, have been misled by an ever-increasing breed of self-proclaimed gurus. It is a sober, forward leaning and focused effort to help you realize your real potential.


Opdemy is an initiative that has the potential to reinvigorate the learning system in India. In this mayhem of commercialized education, Opdemy will stand out as an oasis of genuine, affordable and credible learning.


Opdemy's vision works for me. The idea of Guru Dakshina is unique and sathiis unheardof. They are on a mission and I believe in it.

Naveen Chandra, IAS 2018

Our Social Initiative


Guru Dakshina

"This unique program offers a chance to the students to become educators. UPSC CSE aspirants can join as educators and teach poor students on our platform and in return, they get access to our entire premium and paid course for free. For each class they take, they get a class free."

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"We are aware that the preparation of CSE is very stressful at times and this has led to the rise in the number of cases of depression, anxiety, stress etc among the aspirant. We have thus, started this initiative, here, you can stay anonymous and we will connect you to one trained and competent mental health expert."

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OPDEMY or OPEN ACADEMY is a desirable social change much needed to liberate students from the clutches of unscrupulous coaching Institutes and help aspirants from Rural areas .The initiatives like SATHI that looks into the mental health of students is impeccable.

Megha Agarwalla, (Opdemy Educator)

OPDEMY, a platform that unites India's best educators and mentors to make education affordable, accessable and accountable, to build nation by building your present and securing your future. It simply stands for, " Together We Can".

Abhishek Patil, (Opdemy Educator)

Witnessing the crony coachings industries thriving on students money and emotions, i always knew their monopoly could be broken by tapping into digital revolution. Opdemy does just that. It leverages the digital technology to fulfil the idea of Universal affordable education. I truly believe “Opdemy is an idea whose time has come”.

Anshuman Yadav, (Opdemy Educator)

"Opdemy" : Empowers good governance in UPSC preparation!!!

- Archana (Educator Opdemy)

“Opdemy is a platform which is going to change the education system in a big way. Being a part of such a super structure is an honor as well as a learning experience like no other.”

- Ridhima Sharma (Educator Opdemy)

“Opdemy is a platform which is going to change the education system in a big way. Being a part of such a super structure is an honor as well as a learning experience like no other.”

- Shalini (Educator Opdemy)

“OPDEMY is the passport to the future and a Coach who will give correction without causing Resentment.”

- Rini Sharma (Educator Opdemy)

“With OPDEMY, some Civil Servants & eminent Academicians have initiated a "social movement" of sorts, to bring EDUCATION AT YOUR DOORSTEP.
You could be underserved or untouched or unaware, but OPDEMY does care!”

- Shubham Agarwal, Educator at OPDEMY

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