What Is Siddha?

'Siddha' refers to the perfect one. One who has achieved a supreme understanding of solving his problems. The one who can find answers to his questions by constantly making efforts to gain knowledge. Inspired by this very idea we have designed our course.

What can Siddha help with?

Our Siddha course covers the entire UPSC CSE Exam Preparation as it brings prelims, mains, and Interview guidance in one place. No more distractions and no more chaos in choosing different courses. It is difficult to find Complete guidance of IAS/IPS exam in one place, that too at quite affordable prices. This is a comprehensive course that enables the student to appear for civil service examination for both preliminary and mains. It is spread over a duration of 8 months and involving surplus hours of classes. The students enrolling for this program will be eligible to access both preliminary and mains test series.

This course comprises of the solutions and preparation strategy for UPSC CSE- prelims, mains, and interviews. Unlike other websites that provide rhetoric and scattered study materials with no guidance, 'Siddha' provides a 24*7 guidance regime with unmatched, precise and concise study materials.

  • 'Siddha' is a one-stop solution created by best in the field educators which brings success at your fingertips.

  • The students enrolling for this program will be eligible to access both preliminary and mains test series.

  • The course includes Yogya (Ethics classes cum test series), Lekhan (Essay guidance cum test series), Vishishta (Optional Subject), Prelims and mains study material (Classes on all GS subjects).

Some of the benefits of this program are:

  • Access to online test series for both prelims and mains.

  • Access to daily, weekly and monthly news analysis, summary and compilation.

  • Relevant online study material based on contemporary issues.

  • Access to Institutes group for discussions and additional benefits.

  • Unique Essay module with an evaluation of multiple essays submitted by the student.

  • DAF form analysis and assistance for Interview upon clearing mains examination.


The only course which include essay,ethics and optional guidance

Total Duration: 8 Months

SEPT 15 -DEC 15

Optional Ethics Essay,International Relations and Internal Security

A total 6 hours of classes till December 30,after optional is finished 4-5 hours of classes each day,5 days a week

DEC 16 -FEB 15


With classes of geography/environment and history to be held every alternate day.4 hours of classes each day

FEB 16-APR 15

Indian polity and Economics

Subjects to be covered with 4 hours of clasees every alternate days


2.Science and Tech
3.General Science and Other Topics

Test Series

A test series of 3 Tests on each of the 3 GS Papers

This will check all the inputs and give detailed feedback on progress and further improvements required.

Concluding Session

To be taken by mentors. Giving final Inputs.

Price: 29,999 INR

GST Is also Included at the time of payment