Do you feel that you are weak in English language ?

Are you scared of facing interview because of your communication skills ?

Does that make you feel underconfident about Main’s exams ?

Are you not able to write good answers despite having good knowledge ?

Daksh - English Language Programme

If you have similar doubts, you are at the right place !

Daksh is the perfect course for all your language needs. Opdemy has realized that a lot of aspirants feel underconfident about their communication skills. They find it difficult to express their thoughts either by writing or speaking in English language. Despite studying harder and having good knowledge of any general topic, they cannot express themselves in full capacity. It hampers their chance of getting selected in the prestigious competitive examinations. Thus, Opdemy has brought an all new special ‘English Language Programme’ where you will get holistic approach to deal with communication issues.

Daksh course is designed with the help of experts after a careful analysis of aspirant’s needs. The course is comprehensive in nature and exam-oriented so that you won’t feel disconnected from your UPSC CSE Preparation. The total duration of course is around two months where you will undergo a rigorous training from basic to advance. Daksh covers everything from essay writing to answer writing to basic rules and vocabulary

Highlights of The Programme :-

  • Total duration of Two months.
  • Covers Essay-writing, Letter-writing and Article-writing modules.
  • Covers UPSC CSE Answer writing practice sessions.
  • Special focus on developing Communication Skills for Interview.
  • Regular feedback and personalized guidance.
  • Complementary Test Series (3 GS Mains Tests).
  • Live-Interactions with successful candidates who scored well in Mains.

Yes! All this is available at a highly affordable price. So, don’t miss the chance.

Daksh course will help you write good answers in your UPSC CSE Mains Exams. It will further equip you to perform well in Interviews with good command over English Language. You no longer have to think about your language skills as this comprehensive course will cover everything that you need and desire for.

Join Today ! Perform Tomorrow !

“Course to begin in September Last week and run till December.”

“Good things almost never come free. Whatever seems free is either low in quality or has hidden costs involved. We at Opdemy, believe in complete transparency. The costs mentioned are necessary to ensure good quality content and yes, no hidden costs involved at Opdemy. Also, the entire course is here, in front of your eyes to see and decide.”

Price: 1999 INR

GST Is also Included at the time of payment