UPSC Mains Answer Writing Cum Test Series Programme

Aadhar literally means the foundation, the beginning or the stepping stone on which you build upon. Similarly, building ‘Answer Writing Skills’ is the foundation of success in UPSC Civil Services examination. Aadhar is a more simplified answer writing cum test series programme. It is not like any other conventional UPSC guidance programme. At Opdemy, the Aadhar course provides you an exceptional opportunity to get real time feedback from educators and official mentors.

Aadhar course aims to improve your answer writing skills and at the same time provides you test series where you can check your answers. This course is designed by experts to solve all your doubts and queries about answer writing. When this course will finish you will end up writing exceptionally good answers. Moreover, you won’t need to enrol yourself for any other test series as you would be able to analyse your own answers.

What’s special about Aadhar Course ?

This course is a healthy mix of sessions on different subjects, live interactions, doubt-clearing sessions, previous year paper discussions and test series. You will get everything required for UPSC IAS exam in a structured and time-bound manner. As success comes with hard work and determination you need to develop multiple smart skills as well. You need to leave no stone unturned to ensure your success in UPSC IAS exam.

Why you should join Aadhar Course ?

  • A Unique and Innovative Approach for UPSC Exam.
  • Answer Writing practice + Tests + Discussion sessions + Feedbacks + Model Answers.
  • ‘Time-Bound’ three tier time table – daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Guidance and Mentorship by selected candidates.
  • Regular sessions and live interactions with officers for further clarity.
  • Answer Writing practice + Test Series (like a perfect mix).
  • Mock Tests after every session to test your engagement.
  • Personalized Guidance to every aspirant.
  • Special focus on speed + charts/diagrams + handwriting + word limits.
  • Total 12 full syllabus GS Paper Tests to check your competence.

Extra Highlights

  • Aadhar is a strictly monitored programme where no one would be given access to next lecture unless they complete previous assignment.
  • A Three-tier time table which every aspirant has to follow.
  • Sessions will be held on weekends so that you can easily follow up.
  • Personalized guidance as you will be connected with the educator via social media or email.
  • Answer Writing Practice Sessions + Tests + Discussions + Model Answers + Live interactions with officers and selected candidates for better learning.

“Course to begin in August Last week and run till December last week.”

“Good things almost never come free. Whatever seems free is either low in quality or has hidden costs involved. We at Opdemy, believe in complete transparency. The costs mentioned are necessary to ensure good quality content and yes, no hidden costs involved at Opdemy. Also, the entire course is here, in front of your eyes to see and decide.”

Price: 6499 INR

GST Is also Included at the time of payment