PSIR Optional Crash Course for UPSC IAS 2020 & 2021

According to experts, Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) optional is growing more popular among UPSC aspirants over the last few years. It has given significantly positive results with more than 35+ toppers, choosing PSIR as their optional subject, among top 100 ranks. In UPSC civil services exam, PSIR is one of the most sought-after subject due to sheer clarity of syllabus, interesting topics, easy availability of reading material or notes, and huge overlap with GS Paper 2 of Mains.  

Hence, keeping up with the latest trends, Opdemy has designed a simple, unique and fast-paced crash course for PSIR Optional. Come and join this exclusive crash course to cover the entire syllabus of political science and international relations in less than 10 weeks. At Opdemy, we’ve ensured our educators and faculty will adopt smart learning methods based on latest demands and requirements of the exam.

Providing you the un-paralleled and matchless learning experience under the guidance of top-notch faculty and IAS/IPS mentors. Get guided in the most strategic manner to always stay ahead of competition. Learn along with multiple revisions, mock-tests, one-to-one discussions, doubt-solving and answer writing workshops.

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Paper 1 Paper 2
Political Theory and Indian Politics
Comparitive Politics and International Relations

Meet Your Faculty

PSIR Optional Crash Course

Pallavi Aggarwal

Faculty of Siddha, Aadhar, Vishishtha

Expert Online Educator for Civil Services Exam |

Senior Faculty Member at Aanchal (Not-for-Profit Organization)

3+ Years of Teaching Experience

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When does the course start?

PSIR Optional Crash Course

  • Duration: 10 Weeks
  • Course Starts from: 2nd November 2020​


At opdemy, enrolments are open throughout the year. It is our primary responsibility to ensure that you get the best learning experience and great learning support in your journey of UPSC CSE. A student can enrol in PSIR Optional crash course for UPSC CSE anytime during the year, and we’ll make sure they get guided for each and every topic without anything being missed.

Of course, you can join the PSIR Optional Crash Course even if you haven’t studied political science earlier. At opdemy, our educators will ensure that learning is always exciting and interesting for you in the journey of UPSC. Our highly experienced faculty will give you the most unique value-added guidance and smart tips to easily qualify the two optional papers of political science. Our teaching methods are based on rigorous testing via weekly/fortnightly tests and personalized feedback on assessments.

Absolutely Yes! You will get access to Opdemy’s premium quality notes, handouts and reading materials prepared by a team of educators under the guidance of IAS/IPS officers.

The entire PSIR Crash Course will be completed in less than 10 weeks, where you will get a combo of few live-classes, recorded lectures and two complimentary full-length tests.

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