Guru Dakshina

To learn, one need not pay what he can't afford but what he is willing to give

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Guru Dakshina Scholar

About Guru Dakshina

  • This unique program offers a chance to the students to become educators. UPSC CSE aspirants can join as educators and teach poor students on our platform and in return, they get access to our entire premium and paid course for free. For each class they take, they get a class free.

  • Apart from UPSC CSE aspirants, anyone who wises to join us on our mission to teach for a better India, we welcome them. They can join us as scholars in our "Guru Dakshina" platform. They would be given access to create courses for kids. They can chose to teach anything, from coding to playing the guitar, from elementary mathematics to English literature. We will try to spread their knowledge to the far flung areas.

  • Guru Daksina gives you the opportunity you always wanted, to give something back to the society and contribute in providing better educations to the poor. We would establish offline streaming centers to show these students all of your courses.

  • So, join us, as we take on the mission to change the face of education infrastructure in the country.