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In the UPSC IAS exam, Indian polity is the most important and unique subject from which both analytical and factual questions are asked. Irrespective of all concerns, GS Polity has its own strategic importance as mastering the subject will ensure that you easily qualify the prelims cut-off.

From UPSC Mains perspective, the entire GS Paper 2 is dedicated to Polity, Governance and International Relations. Therefore, it becomes one of the core subject to learn and prepare well. By keeping in mind, the latest trends and needs of UPSC CSE aspirants, our team has designed an exclusive Crash Course on Indian Polity with exciting features and finest online learning experience.

We’re offering you an exclusive opportunity to learn from subject-experts, UPSC Toppers, and IAS/IPS officer mentors via live-classes and recorded lectures on each and every topic of GS polity. It covers your entire syllabus of UPSC Prelims and Mains for polity, and it is being taught in an integrated manner with utmost care and individual attention to each student. 

Do not hesitate to join the club right now and miss the opportunity to get value-added guidance that can strategically enhance your preparation for IAS.  Attend special live-sessions, get recorded lectures and attempt two complementary tests to assess your strengths at UPSC from the comfort of your home. 

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Indian Constitution – Historical Underpinnings, Evolution, features, amendments, Significant Provisions and basic structure.
Functions and responsibilities of the union and the states, issues and challenges pertaining to the federal structure, devolution of powers and finances up to local level and challenges therein.
Separation of Powers between various organs, Dispute redressal Mechanism and Institutions.
Comparison of Indian Constitutional scheme with that of the other countries.
Parliament and State Legislatures- Structure, Functioning, Conduct of Business, Powers and Privileges and issues arising out of there.
Parliament and State Legislatures – Structure.
Structure, Organization and Functioning of the Executive and the Judiciary – Ministries and Departments of the Government, Pressure Groups, and formal informal associations and their role in the policy.
Salient features of the Representation of People’s Act.
Appointments to the various constitutional Posts, Powers, Functions and Responsibilities of various constitutional bodies.
Statutory, Regulatory, Constitutional and Various Quasi- Judicial Bodies.

Meet Your Faculty

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Pallavi Aggarwal

Faculty of Siddha, Aadhar, Vishishtha

Expert Online Educator for Civil Services Exam
Senior Faculty Member at Aanchal (Not-for-Profit Organization)
5+ Years of Teaching Experience

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When does the course start?

GS Indian Polity Crash Course

  • Duration: 10 Weeks


A student can enrol for GS Indian Polity Crash Course any time before prelims 2021 or after. Our top educators and team members will connect with each student to make sure they get all lectures on their learning dashboard. At opdemy, its our primary responsibility to ensure that you get best learning experience and great learning support in your journey of UPSC CSE. You will get a detailed schedule of the course after joining, hence, no worries !

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Absolutely yes! Each and every UPSC CSE aspirant who joins Crash Course for GS Indian Polity will get compiled PDF handouts made under the guidance of senior IAS/IPS officers and UPSC toppers.

The entire course will be completed in less than 10 weeks where you will get a combo of few live-classes, recorded lectures and two complimentary full-length tests. Hurry up to register now.

GS Indian Polity Crash Course