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Encouraging Innovation for a Vibrant #NewIndia



Do you think your ideas can make a difference?

India is a country with an enormous Human Potential. Lately, there has been a ton of buzz about innovations that can help build a better world.

Do you think your ideas have the power to overcome the challenges we face?

Opdemy believes in linking Make in India with Innovate in India
By allowing young and vibrant minds across India to interact directly with the Top Bureaucrats of India about their innovative ideas to bring a change that truly makes a difference.
Opdemy presents to you… The Grassroot Innovation Challenge where you get a chance to stage your ideas which can make a difference by addressing various deep-rooted problems faced by the common citizens of India.

Your ideas will be read by Top Bureaucrats from across the nation & if shortlisted, you will get a chance to work with them on your brainchild project.
This is once in a lifetime opportunity which you should grab with both hands and watch your career take historic turns towards success thereafter.

How Do I Register Myself?

The applicants will have to register on Opdemy’s official website.

  • Applicants (read Changemakers) will attempt a few questions regarding the grass-root level challenges of India.
  • They will suggest their solutions in a creative way which is cost-effective & covers a mass number of people
  • After submission, the applicants with the most efficient and creative solutions will be shortlisted to meet & interact with the top bureaucrats to elaborate their ideas.

In this stage, there will also be a Changemakers’ Summit where the Top Bureaucrats of the country will narrate their ideas and how they implemented it on the ground making a difference to thousands of lives in our country. This will also give you a glimpse of how the officers actually work & what they do in the field.

  • The winners will get seed funding to build a prototype on their idea for implementation.

Watch yourself become a part of the system & change thousands of lives.

This will be a worth-while experience and you will get to learn a lot.

Just Think About It!
This will be a phenomenal experience which will definitely help you in any dimension of your career – not just the Indian Administrative Service.

Registration fee detail is on the website.
The best ideas will be featured on our website and published on social media handles.

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” —Arthur C. Clarke


Jai Hind!

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