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Prelims 2021 Mentorship Program

This is not a test series but mentorship program which will provide holistic coverage of syllabus

Op Aarambh

Siddha : GS + Optional Foundational Course 2022

Siddha is our most comprehensive course, it is very strategically designed to give you everything at one place. It is run by our expert faculty members, with inputs and help from selected officers. It is our ‘Flagship’ course covering Prelims + Mains + Personality test along with optional subject, CSAT, ethics and essay papers. 

Join Siddha course, One Stop Solution for the entire UPSC CSE preparation.

Op Siddhi

Aarambh : Building Preparation Roadmap

Preparation of UPSC CSE is all about dedicated hard-work and patience. Aarambh course is conducted by our expert educators along with successful officers to kickstart your journey in the right direction.

Join the Aarambh course today to get the best start to your UPSC CSE journey.

Op Aarambh

Aadhar : GS Answer Writing cum Test-Series Program

Answer writing is the most crucial part of UPSC CSE written exam and carries maximum weightage. Aadhar course helps you improve your writing skills under the guidance of experienced educators and selected officers. This course is not just a test series but also contains lectures and live sessions by officers, to help you write better.

Join the Aadhar course to write answers which UPSC CSE expects.


Op Aadhaar

Vishishtha : The Optional Courses

There is no doubt about the importance of the optional subject in UPSC CSE mains examination. In total, the two compulsory optional papers carry 500 marks that can easily help you crack UPSC CSE. Opdemy’s Vishishta optional courses are taught by subject matter experts & highly qualified faculty members who make the subjects very interesting and fun to learn. 

Join Vishishta and get an in-depth learning experience and achieve mastery over your optional for your success at UPSC CSE.

Vishishtha : The Optional Courses ​

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